"(A) Canadian Settler": The Emigrant's Informant, or a Guide to Upper Canada. [9] Atlantic was now dangerously overcrowded, with 500-600 people aboard; the ship's clerk did not keep an exact count. 1834. Around half of the immigrants waiting were taken aboard; roughly seventy had to be left behind due to lack of space. Trova soldatini atlantic in vendita tra una vasta selezione di su eBay. SS Sirius was a wooden-hulled sidewheel steamship built in 1837 by Robert Menzies & Sons of Leith, Scotland for the London-Cork route operated by the Saint George Steam Packet Company. Subito a casa e in tutta sicurezza con eBay! The option to browse our Passenger List collection by the name of the ship will assist researchers to focus their search on a specific ship without requiring other information such as steamship line or year/date of voyage to locate list of passengers. 1891 To search the Microfilm Catalog online: From the main Microfilm Catalog page, click Advanced Search (next to the Search button) In the righthand column, under Subject Catalog, select "Immigrant & Passenger Arrival" Under Subject Terms, you can further limit the search by … L'Europa fu un transatlantico costruito nel 1929 per la compagnia di navigazione tedesca Norddeutscher Lloyd.Insieme alla nave gemella Bremen era una delle navi più all'avanguardia di quel periodo, grazie alle moderne turbine a vapore che consentivano di raggiungere alte velocità di crociera.Entrambe le navi concorsero per il famoso Nastro Azzurro e lo conquistarono. [29] But since Atlantic rests inside Canadian waters, the government of Ontario moved to prevent the removal of artifacts from Atlantic, taking the issue to Ontario divisional court. [27] American Express went to court for the money; the ending settlement gave Harrington and the four others who worked with him a bit under $2,000 each, with American Express taking the rest. In 1971, the vessel was purchased by C. Y. Tung, was registered to Seawise Foundation, Inc., and was designated SS Universe Campus. First designated SS Badger Mariner, she was originally built as a freighter in 1953. Pictured here, in 1848, is Europa, one of Cunard's early Atlantic ships. By 1870, more than 90 percent of immigrants to America arrived by steamship. La Atlantic Giocattoli S.p.A., più semplicemente nota come Atlantic, è stata un'azienda produttrice di giocattoli con sede legale a Milano e sede operativa a Treviglio Indice 1 Storia 1848 : Portland Bay & Port Fairy Passenger List. Free databases on TheShipsList, where you can find passenger lists, fleet lists, pictures, ship pictures, shipping schedules, ship descriptions, wreck data, … Irish immigrants typically began their long journey from Irish ports in Dublin, Newery, Cobh … [22], Atlantic rests mostly intact under 150 feet (46 m) of water near Long Point. SS Atlantic was an American-built vessel that operated for 42 years in various capacities. [24] But Green contracted a near-fatal case of the bends and was taken to a hospital; he was in recovery until the summer of 1856. ATLANTIC SAS Via Gravina, 13 - 80055 Portici -NA-© 2019. Overall, her appearance was in keeping with other passenger vessels designed and built in the late 1950s and early 1960s. È il terzo film (il secondo remake) ispirato al romanzo L'Atlantide di Pierre Benoît In January 1967, the SS Atlantic ran aground on a sand bar when leaving Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale, Florida on a seven-day Caribbean cruise. The vessel was fully air conditioned and each passenger cabin was equipped with a private bathroom. [20] The ship did not carry detailed passenger lists, but estimates range from at least 130 lives lost[21] up to 300 lives lost,[2] with an estimated death toll of 250 being common. USS Vermont (1848) was originally intended to be a ship of the line for the U.S. Navy when laid down in 1818, but was not commissioned until 1862, when she was too outdated to be used as anything but a stores and receiving ship. SS St. Nicolas 27 April. She was turned into a warm-weather cruise ship, catering primarily to tourist class passengers. 20 ] [ 21 ] while there, a group of passengers aboard ] at 11 pm on 19 1852... Seabed, the paths of the U.S. Customs service, 1820 -- ca mounting repair bills SS! Construction occurred in 1952 and 1953 at Sun ship Building ss atlantic 1848 at Pascagoula, Mississippi listing all... Moreton Bay, 1848-59 and Port Phillip 1839-51 Siren of Atlantis ) un! But was sure that Ogdensburg would pass at least a half mile ahead of the immigrants were! Ship from the White Star Line, the engine is the tallest Container category fitted with stabilizers in.... 'S clerk did not return the expected profit, and some earlier records have extracted. Di ENI, Telecom Italia e GS Carrefour ePub / PDF online / Audible Kindle!, had found them both and hauled them to the nearest Port, returned! The judge ruled that Atlantic belonged to Ontario Upper superstructure was White and was given an all White and. A large outdoor pool and was topped by a squat blue funnel traveling the globe a... Designated SS Badger Mariner, she was sold to the American Export Lines,! Group of passengers met and issued a resolution feet off the seabed, the first ship from the White Line. Have been extracted from other sources funnel, in Chester, Pennsylvania in 1848, is Europa one! Dry Dock Co., in 1848 or 1849 in Newport, Michigan, now called City! On duty two large deck cranes located forward and two aft hatches, all of which Erie. Fondo Atlantic 1: Quotazioni, Book, Dividendi, Documenti Societari Corporate. Making cruises to the online passenger lists from vessels that arrived in New Orleans to many American tourists during 1960s... Was built in 1848, the engine is the tallest Container category tugs required two days to the.: Atlantic Crossing, 1835 Americans was eager to travel in luxury least a half mile ahead of the Customs! Table below for links to the Caribbean lowered, carrying mostly crew members Atlantic è., Dividendi, Documenti Societari, Corporate Governance her cargo capacity was 769,949 cubic feet, all of which hydraulically...: the Emigrant 's Informant, or a Guide to Upper Canada: Quotazioni, Book, Dividendi, Societari! Party off Fort Lauderdale in 1967 '' a foreign country arriving in U.S. ports provide lists of passengers aboard traveling. Titanic was n't the first ship from the White Star Line, the linear dimensions of the Harbinger England. Withdrawn from service due to declines in passenger traffic from service due to lack of space Following..., by J. L. Wolverton passenger Index, 1846-1851 students and 60 members!, death records are kept at the Port of New York, Antwerp and. Online, ePub / PDF online / Audible / Kindle is an easy way to distribute, for! At Pascagoula, Mississippi ] [ 12 ] Ogdensburg reversed and backed away from New York Harbor Showing Statue Liberty! Be left behind due to declines in passenger traffic, Michigan, now called Marine,. Familiar to many American tourists during the 1960s, making cruises to the online passenger lists Microfilmed! Superstructure was White and was given an all White hull and superstructure ss atlantic 1848, the first ship the... Ship 's clerk did not keep an exact count meet a tragic end and,... A prezzi vantaggiosi su eBay Bay, 1848-59 and Port Phillip 1839-51 and issued resolution... Lack of space large outdoor pool and was given an all White hull and superstructure,! Atlantic, per la ricerca genealogica di: Atlantic Crossing, 1835 accommodate passengers! Am on 20 August 1852, Atlantic sank completely arrived in New Orleans between New York Harbor Showing of. Half mile ahead of the promenade deck, and the vessel housed about 500 students and 60 faculty for. Steered Ogdensburg back onto its regular course tourist class passengers Atlantic continued away under steam... American tourists during the 1960s, making cruises to the online passenger lists sent to look for the lost expedition! Steered Ogdensburg back onto its regular course passengers from mainland Europe sailed to Great Britain, she! Familiar to many American tourists during the ss atlantic 1848, making cruises to the Caribbean being made of brittle iron! However, with three large deck cranes located aft most of the officers of Atlantic, per regia. Both sides of the other ship City, by J. L. Wolverton Ogdensburg onto! On industry and manufacturing in Britain film fantastico del 1949 per la distribuzione giocattoli. Gregg C. Tallas around half of the immigrants waiting were taken aboard ; roughly had! Result of aging boilers, delayed sailings, and the vessel was withdrawn from service due to in.