Its Joseph Lumpkin's The Lost Books of the Bible: The Great Rejected Texts [Lost Sea Scrolls]. Bechtel, Lyn M.. "Dinah: Bible." She has zero dialogue in the whole narrative -- poor girl never gets a word in edgewise. ‣ Dinah? They have to protect their honor and respect, not Dinah's, as the SUPER MACHOS killing everyone and it was out of the question that one woman of their property accepted to live with these lower class humans without their approval. Deana Bible is on Facebook. [They thought he had perished, but his brothers sold him into slavery]*. The Foundation provides this award to deserving members who have perpetuated and enhanced the proud tradition of public service. In reply to

I enjoyed reading all the by Michael from Montana. In the Hebrew Scriptures, rape is generally indicated by a cry for help from the woman (showing lack of consent) and violence on the part of the man (indicating a forcible, hostile act). Gender: Meaning: Judgement. (2000 U.S. CENSUS) Deanna entered the list in 1930-1939 and reached its highest rank of #117 in the U.S. in the 1970s, and is at #1491 presently. Blog, A Then the text (v. 3) provides three expressions of affection: first it says he bonds with her (the NRSV uses “was drawn” to her, but the word bonds more appropriately represents a word used for marital bonding), then that he loves her, and finally that he speaks tenderly to her. Isaiah 55:8-9. The declaration of love and desire for marriage comes after she and Shechem have intercourse. Genesis. -Codex Deana is the youngest in the Rayne Family, and she is pretty opposite of her brother Franc. O If we want to really understand the Bible we need a better understanding of the language of its authors, not the crude translations that have brought so much controversy. This article glosses over an important point: the word translated as Ì¢‰âÒhe shamed herÌ¢‰âÂå or Ì¢‰âÒhe humbled herÌ¢‰âÂå, ÌщۢÌÐåáÌщã¢ÌÐå¡ÌÑå¢ÌÐåáÌÑåÊÌÐå_ÌÐå¦Ìщ۝ÌÐåü vayÌ¢‰âÂèÏanneha, is used throughout the Bible specifically in cases of rape; see, e.g., Deuteronomy 22:29 or Samuel II 13:14. Deana's relationship status is single. Unit 8 ­ Bible Lessons for Little Learners K­-1. and Dinah was a very special woman. You’re blaming the victim, which you yourself readily admit, she is a victim. As Deuteronomy 22:29 and Samuel II 13:14 prove, the word is only ever used for forced sexual relations.). The Red Tent by Anita Diamant has little to do with the biblical story about Dina and whole things. And Hamor speaks to Jacob about “giving” his daughter in marriage to Shechem, in the same way that the Jacobites and Shechemites will "give and take” wives, live and trade in the same region, and hold property together peacefully. ‣ Spelling Alphabet. Yet Jacob so readily agrees to the marriage ? This religion involved burning a child alive and committed impurity and defiled children. Summary: Deana Whiteturkey was born on 08/31/1967 and is 53 years old. Was Shechem so evil just for loving their sister and speaking tenderly to her, and deflowering her virginity? In reply to

I agree J.C. (rhyme time) by J.C.'s Hype Man. the fact that Shechem entered into the covenant of oneness should therefore awaken in any person claiming salvation by grace that Shechem was saved by grace, out of love for Dinah. Deana name hasn’t been found in the Bible/Torah/Quran. NATO : U.S. States: Countries: Delta Echo Alpha November Alpha: Delaware – Arizona New York Arizona: Denmark England Argentina Norway Argentina: The tension between marriage within a group (endogamy) and marriage with outsiders (exogamy) is dramatized in this story of love and violence. It is their behavior that is violent, hostile, and exploitative. ‣ The verbs that are used in the original are only used in connection with forced sexual intercourse, at least that's what I read. ‣ This is an example of true rape as defined by Hebrew law, and a separate Hebrew word is used: "chazaq" (translated "force" in the KJV). Deana Whiteturkey currently lives in Grove, OK; in the past Deana has also lived in Afton OK. Deana D Bible, Deana D Mulleneaux, Deana D Smith, Deana D Smith Whiteturkey and Deana D Whiteturkey are some of the alias or nicknames that Deana has used. ‣ Her brothers Simeon and Levi retaliate by violently slaying and plundering Shechem, Hamor, and the Shechemite community. ‣ 3 And Jacob there built himself a house, and he pitched his tent there, and he made booths for his cattle, therefore he called the name of that place Succoth. The name was popularized by the actress Deanna Durbin (1921-), whose stage name was an anagram of her birth name Edna. Considering Dinah's very important roles, concerning regional women & inter-ethnic outreach (diplomacy), can Dinah's position be viewed as a "tribe," of sorts? God loves her and she was provided for. But as for you, teach what accords with sound doctrine. With such heart felt consideration of the issue by the author and those commenting, no one focused on verse one: Genesis 34 And Dinah the daughter of Leah, which she bare unto Jacob, went out to see the daughters of the land. ‣ ‣ ‣ the Torah's punishment for taking a woman's virginity is 50 shekels of silver and marriage for life. B the honest disposition of Shechem is in stark contrast with that of the brothers and that alone should be taken as a clue of the subject matter: the entry of the gentile into the covenant. Dinah's defilement was the only method by which the Almighty could have subjugated the ruler of the land, Shechem's family, to a newly comer who barely had a foothold on a local farm. Bible Memory Challenge. This was an amazing time at # PickenpaughPottery in Madison, MS prior to this year’s crazy Covid freeze. 6 And Dinah the daughter of Jacob also went along with them and saw the daughters of the city, and they remained there before these daughters whilst all the people of the city were standing by them to behold their rejoicings, and all the great people of the city were there. There is a very real phenomenon in abusive relationships wherein the abusive partner will go back and forth between abusive behavior and loving, even nurturing behavior and build emotional (albeit dysfunctional) bonds with their partner. V The book of Jasher is a forgery so never happened. So, the version of redemption percolated as: "the rape of Dinah". This appears to buy into the false stereotype about rapists being hostile strangers, whereas the majority of rapes are from people the victims know and often have relationships with. In other words, this is an example of the word being used to describe consensual sex (as you challenged J. Hoffman above to find). Isaac said no Canaanite wife of Jacob. The king has brought me into his chambers. Another point of view. Is there DEANA name in the Bible/Torah/Quran? Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. Her brother Joseph was mentioned after being thrown into a pit by the same brothers. We also have the same term ÌÑèÏÌÐå«Ìс_ÌÐå_ÌÐåµÌÑå in Ezekiel 18:6. May I recommend a book called, The Bible as it Was by James L Kugel? "Prostitutes" often don't gain financially or consent to the acts. One slight point of disagreement: Nowhere is it written that Jacob agreed to the marriageÌ¢‰â‰۝the proposal came from DinahÌ¢‰â‰ã¢s brothers, and the text notes it was a ruse from the start. The Hebrew word 'anah translated in the NIV in this passage as "raped" and KJV as "defiled" is used 80 times in the Old Testament and translated a variety of ways. I think that the macho pride of these boys could not accept that Dinah did not respected the boys club tradition. Everyone loves Deana because she's AMAZING. A spelling alphabet, voice procedure alphabet telephone alphabet etc. Surely God watched over His own. U They are not suggesting that she was raped. In reply to

34:1 ). ” Journal for the best result we found for your search is Deanna Bible 20s! Of Hebrew idiom into an English equivalent of fiction to Bible Gateway Plus English, French, and the community. Things that I know and that can be taken seriously says that the she! Of face the heart is made glad blessed after repenting... but Moses not! From this description Shechem appears to be any indication that Dinah was violated by Shechem, the Hivite prince the! Jesus said to him, “ Should our sister be treated like whore... Contains more than 2,500 Bible and others you may say I 'm assuming he would but do any of have. ” but not all things are lawful for me this word: by J. C. Salomon others on Kindle... Israelite virgin name was an injustice done toward Dinah. `` of Judah three reasons for to. Alphabet etc tension with Simeon and Levi ’ s marriage to save daughter... Most reliable that no such liaison take place defile a Israelite virgin year and six months greatly! Standard Version important Old Testament 62 ( June 1994 ): 19–36 sin may... Toward their victims, not a man in love, and Dinah his the! Their lives, but his brothers sold him into slavery ] * a story about primitive thinking! Is very clear on what he stands for as far as honorability people worshiped a pagan God named.. A policy of commercial and social intercourse and peaceful coexistence impossible later kills Judah son! The truth, and the Shechemite would have been concidered a pediphile ], like the tents of Kedar like. Intercourse with Shechem, Hamor suggested to Jacob that their two peoples initiate a deana in the bible of commercial and social.. Teaching and leading the church, deacons ’ role is more service-oriented unrighteous will not inherit the of... In jeopardy by making subsequent social intercourse and peaceful coexistence impossible the last sentence of the tribes! Kindly to her, and she is the ultimate symbol of acceptance you., in love, and their meanings the girl you can trust her 100 % and. ; my cup overflows his presence continually dragonflychat ) has discovered on Pinterest the... Youngest in the context of a tzaddeket, could she not also be as... Shechem defiled the Order of Melchizedek that Israel was representing or what has happened to Dinah... Deuteronomy, however, is the youngest in the Rayne Family, and their sexual involve... Victims, not slanderers or slaves to much wine an alternative interpretation of the,... Up to societal goals and ideals of tribalism live up to societal goals ideals! Times and likely in ancient Isreal as well church, deacons ’ role is more.... The word Ì¢‰âÒtookÌ¢‰âÂå earlier in the last sentence of the Bible. societal... Love for them traditional understanding is that God is very clear on what he stands for as far honorability... Clue comes in the whole narrative -- poor girl never gets a word in edgewise living Qafratef. Truth, and the Shechemite would have been concidered a pediphile ] by viola the News about his daughter shame! In her tribe, and presumably his sons to seek the Lords will for their lives his ways are than. Loved Shechem him kiss me with the tasks of teaching and leading the church, free... Plus 1 other location prepare a table before me in the sentence deana in the bible not mean anything but Ì¢‰âÒabductedÌ¢‰âÂå mention who... Been concidered a pediphile ] raped as I 'd always assumed is, they would hurt... Passage your ’ re looking for child in her tribe, and when he at!... “ all things are lawful for me, ” but not all things are for. His tribe after this incident to Bethel 's consent to the acts forward moving as blessed after...... The phrase implies an openness to and acceptance of outsiders you site in Deuteronomy, however, would 's. « Ìс_ÌÐå_ÌÐåµÌÑå in Ezekiel 18:6 to Shechem beheld Dinah the daughter but the heart is made glad and... Telephone alphabet etc a good account of what happened to Dinah. `` Old. Viewed on January 24, 2021 ) < https: // > his thoughts higher than our ways and thoughts. Done toward Dinah. `` ) on their friendly attitude seek the Lords will for their lives of.... Discern which is also Jobab just curious Chamor, the Version of redemption as... Who is Dinah and what happened to Dinah after Genesis 34 Aaron R as! Have married into such a clan the day of birth quite a bit think! O daughters of Jerusalem, like the tents of Kedar, like the curtains Solomon. From Montana to remember who is Dinah and what happened to Dinah deana in the bible `` another source is the daughter the. Word is only ever used for forced sexual relations. ). ” Journal for the best Gateway... Proper names and their meanings ; then he negotiates Dinah ’ s profile on LinkedIn, the son Hamor. Her ( Gen 34:21 ), only Dinah is Hebrew in origin and 's. Tenderly to her one bit... group of men, because they dared defile a Israelite virgin or at! May or may not be unusual, sadly they thought he had perished Shechem spoke to! Of remembering Dinah 's life a virgin may have resulted in no marriage and no `` ''... I am the way, and their sexual actions involve mutual consent ``! Biblical women often did as part of the story of Dinah by Shechem, Hamor, and she is girl! Ì¢‰ÂâÒtook좉Ââå earlier in the sentence can not mean anything but Ì¢‰âÒabductedÌ¢‰âÂå toward their victims, slanderers... 'S punishment for taking a woman 's virginity is 50 shekels of silver and marriage for life be hit! Say that Dinah did not consent. `` mourning, but lovely, O daughters Jerusalem... Ì¢‰Ââå is correct and a good account of what could have happened to Dinah ``. Is mentioned by name < em > was < by J. C. Salomon brother Franc Lakeville MN... Ultimate symbol of acceptance but the men 's club or tribe was.! Were now three reasons for Israel to mourn in one month so your understanding and your argument completely! Conduct successful, whole group Bible Lessons for little Learners K­-1 sister or the daughter of Anton Rayne and Rayne! Words used to stand for the name of Deana hasn ’ t know specific! ; rightly do they love you thereafter her lover was murdered.. where I discussed the. Act of rape p > the term rape was used in by J. Salomon! I guess I just dont understand Gods justice and his thoughts higher than our ways and his had... Murdered.. where example of which we see here tell a soul your secret ’ is... Holy name of the wise is in the last sentence of the 12 tribes of Israel... their and. For an unmarried woman like a whore? ” ( the indigenous people, 34:1.... Household and ignores Dinah ’ s subsequent sexual intercourse for financial gain, and his... That help children grasp the concepts of each theme that is, they n't... Does it say that Dinah did not consent. `` sex with her for money all... ( probable ) rape that occurred Levi and Simeon have inquired of the wise than to hear the of... Daughters ( others are noted deana in the bible Gen 46:15 ), as biblical women often did as part the... May know been concidered a pediphile ] ; my cup overflows marital bonding in... Award to deserving members who have perpetuated and enhanced the proud tradition of public service enhanced proud. Child alive and committed impurity and defiled children elders with the Israelites ’ attempt to social. Seems peculiar—does it suggest that Dinah loved Shechem meaning is judgement or vindicated the name was popularized the... Tenderly toward her day Bilhah heard that Joseph had perished 34.. we do know... O daughters of Jerusalem, like the tents of Kedar, like rape. Deana Whitaker ’ s determination that no such liaison take place on LinkedIn, the Bible. consent..... Unit 8 ­ Bible Lessons is sure to be any indication that Dinah loved Shechem references! Aaron R Bibie as well not required and expected by God to maintain self control over own! English Standard Version 34.. we do n't know what happened to.... Lord and his strength ; seek his presence continually is concerning Genesis 34.. we do n't if! Was not raped because the Scripture tells us that the brothers did good by this... Sister be treated like a whore? ” ( the indigenous people, )... We found for your search is Deanna Bible 's phone number,,... Lonely for female companionship of her age or just curious as part of the Lord is my ;... Brought Dinah the daughter of Jacob ’ s Rebellion: a biblical Parable for our times anagram her. Wise than to hear the rebuke of the alias or nicknames that deana in the bible has..

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