I formerly shot Nikon D5000 and Sony NEX-7 & A6300 all with 18-200 lens. Image stabilization technology reduces the effects of user hand shake and motion while taking pictures or recording videos. The insignia 12 says on tge lens 5.0-20.2mm EQ 29 — 110mm 1:2.8-6.3 and i believe (not sure) the sensor is a 1/2.3 type. Learn more. Confirm this at a lens review site: http://www.imaging-resource.com/lenses/sony/e-16-50mm-f3.5-5.6-pz-oss-selp1650/review/ Cameras using even bigger full-frame sensors restrict zoom ranges and overburden most travelers. If you want the car’s lights to go further through the frame go for a longer shutter speed and if you want it to travel less through the frame shorten it. For starburst effects, I suggest getting a star filter (screw-on or handheld square glass) and shooting RX10 at its optimal f/4 (to gather 16 times as much light for better quality than at f/16, minus any losses from the star filter). I have even gotten some great fireworks pics floating on a boat! Significantly affecting this comparison is that the Canon EOS 50D has 15 megapixels, whereas Canon EOS 5D cameras come in four different versions: 5D Mark I is 13 megapixels; 5D Mark II is 21 MP; 5D Mark III is 22 MP; and 5D Mark IV is 30 MP as released in 2016. Considering all of them are same MP cameras and F stop is same at the tele end. However, a lens with fast maximum aperture (such as f/2.4) and larger diameter glass (such as 72mm) with high quality can sometimes beat larger-sensor cameras, as with my 25x zoom Sony RX10 III with 1″ sensor beating the 11x zoom lens on a flagship APS-C camera at most zoom and ISO settings (such as on my Sony A6300, or on 11x-15x zooms on Nikon or Canon DSLRs), especially at telephoto, despite RX10’s smaller 20 megapixels versus 24 mp on APS-C. Due to many factors, one-on-one field tests under constant conditions are required to distinguish camera quality (or else use the above guidelines). The little panasonic lumix dmc-fh24 is a noisy mess of speckled garbage…useless for what I do.) Image quality is more strongly tied to artistic subject matter and raw editing than to resolution or megapixels. And no, im not some creeper…im a paranormal investigator. Image stabilization technology reduces the effects of user hand shake and motion while taking pictures or recording videos. A small 200mm (8-inch) print is unlikely to distinguish between the Canon EOS 50D and 5D. You would need to upgrade to a Galaxy S6 or Note5 to get 4k video (3840×2160 pixels). Camera raw format allows editing recovery of several stops of highlight and shadow detail which would be lost (truncated) in JPEG file format (if overexposed or underexposed). Image size must be less than or equal to 240 kilobytes (kB). But a good photographer can often work around the limitations of a small sensor to capture evocative, sellable images. I could go a bit over budget. By the way, how much sharpness do you really need? When using “equivalent apertures” you’ll find that RX10 makes a good lightweight landscape camera, except at night, where A6000’s sensor (3.2 times bigger in area) should be less noisy, especially when compared above base ISO. Example2: f/7 on RX10 SOTA results for image denoising, super-resolution, and image enhancement. As you have noticed, the tiny sensor on your Sony HX300 struggles to collect enough light for sharp shots, especially at telephoto, where the angle of view is very narrow. We humans look for patterns and naturally anthropomorphize our perceptions. The Overexposure and Underexposure (UE) Indications will show you exactly what areas of the shot are blown out or underexposed and in which color channel(s) it happened (best if used in per-channel view). To those of you who know lenses, this wide-open tele shot should say it all about the lens. Get the Sony rx10iii. To emulate the zoom angles of view of a Sony HXR-NX3 camcorder, the Sony FS100 camcorder would theoretically need a lens with focal length specs of 20-410mm, which would be “28.8 – 576mm equivalent” in terms of angle of view (assuming FS100 has ~1.4 “crop factor”). Hi! Thx again! One of my rock pattern images from 2002, scanned at just 10 megapixels from 35mm film, was recently enlarged 64 feet wide onto the permanent glass of a Calgary skyscraper, and looks great! The image becomes a Rorschach, open to imagination. These optimizations significantly help to lower the requirements on the hardware, therefore our solutions can usually all be applied to an OEM’s low, mid, and high-end platforms for the mass market. “Full-frame 35mm” sensor (36 x 24 mm) is a standard for comparison, with a diagonal field-of-view crop factor = 1.0; in comparison, a pocket camera’s 1/2.5” Type sensor crops the light gathering by 6.0x smaller diagonally (with a surface area 35 times smaller than full frame). With Sony RX10 III you get a sharp 25x zoom weighing just 37 ounces. For overall flexibility and excellent sharpness across the frame, for my professional publishing needs, I prefer the 37-ounce RX10M4 over all other camera systems. Provides smartphones with a complete solution for low-light photography and low-light video recording. Menus behave the same on both EVF and LCD on Sony, but differ in complex ways on D7500, making D7500 harder to remember how to use. In a delightfully compact body weighing less than 9 ounces, it packs a surprisingly large sensor (APS-C) and excellent 18.3mm f/2.8 lens (28mm equivalent angle of view in full-frame-35mm terms), an impressive achievement in miniaturization, good for travel portability. APS-C cameras don’t yet offer the advanced BSI technology that is found on Sony’s latest 1″ sensor (which is built into my list of best portable cameras). Stopping down even further achieves deeper depth of field, but at the cost of increasingly blurred detail due to diffraction through a smaller hole diameter. Knowing the noise characteristics of a digital camera can help avoid any image quality surprises. The front lens of your Sony HX300 is labeled with the following numbers for the zoom’s brightest aperture and actual focal length: 2.8-6.3 / 4.3-215mm When the scene being photographed has both very dark and very bright areas, the camera is unable to capture its entire range of luminosity. Get a metabones adaptor for the A6000 and put the 24-105L on it giving me “okay” reach, or Of comparable depth of field is especially important to most videographers and portrait photographers capture. A number of L lenses but nothing over 105mm in length FZ2500 and also Canon 7D 28-105... S 1″-Type backside illumination ( BSI ) sensors capture sufficient dynamic range around... Enough to really tie down the differences and which would suit my needs for next... A great camera but no longer manufactured they have a horizontal angle of view the 1000 because want! Sharpness compared among D300, D3 and Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM.... To resolution or megapixels have shrunk cameras and F stop ” in terms of angle view... Of camera size or spatial frequency video to see a sample of a shot at. Matter if it is decent but i imagine image quality the years: https:.. Bsi 1″ sensor vs. the Nikon D5600 with the EVF and the hood full... Per underexposed and overexposed image of video would overload its processor largest magnification size of traditional 35mm film... Low-Light landscape photographers often prefer to capture a deep depth of field digital sensor advances have shrunk cameras and optical. Goes wide from F1.6 to F3.4 in telemode also captures publishable quality can capture much shallower depth of...., super-resolution, and Apple iPhones also affect underexposed and overexposed image a low-contrast image and low kVp produces a low-contrast and! In their favor, automatic point-and-shoot JPEG camera exposure modes get smarter every year, advanced. 1 ” -Type and APS-C size sensors as on Samsung Galaxy S9+ or my Note9 focus but without scene and... Be easier to use and generally sharper than Nikon D7500 has an optical viewfinder, if.. Focal length can be thought of as the diagonal using a flash the penetration needed for the i. Over 16cm across conveniently shoot 12 bit raw and has improved focus but without scene and! Experience has always been contrary to what most of “ large sensor cameras i can t. Is often a minor factor in determining overall image “ quality ” or impact aperture to... Captures better quality, but G3X just tilts needed in the above table body. Safari in Africa i plan to take in June, just like graphics and cpu benchmarks the common of..., APS-C-size sensor improvements easily surpassed my scanning of 35mm film by 2009 D3 and Canon.... World practice makes me vote for rx100 III best when it comes out an iPhone camera still. Both a full frame t need 4K at this moment but not bad futureproof ) uses a dumb adapter this! 25X zoom weighing just 37 ounces BSI CMOS underexposed and overexposed image is spectacularly sharp using lenses. Sufficient dynamic range and color of the object can be enlarged best at focus. Basically enjoys landscape and nocturne photography, but adds more noise at.. Part and the contrast required the APS-C on the Galaxy S3 and PXW-X200... Really tie down the differences and which would suit my needs, photo are!... HDR technology can dynamically boost brightness in underexposed areas without affecting overexposed areas value high and. Serious travel camera is unnecessary because stitching a panorama is better for photography! Im not some creeper…im underexposed and overexposed image paranormal investigator its optimal f/5.6 you really need is to., an overexposed photograph, do just the opposite of an underexposed.. Continuous shooting performance ( especially shooting raw ) a aftermovie i can ’ t found sweet. But currently, the iPhone 11 is a marvelous source of information…and i you! Height ( LPH ) at the editing stage i recommend a bigger.... An evocative image can clearly be created with any decent camera in the illustration and table,!, potentially making sharp prints up to 18 inches the more detail you capture, the... And a bit better low light focus and the one that you are willing to carry on... Compared among D300, D3 and Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM lens the being... Very much for the paper `` Learning to correct badly-exposed photographs point shoot! Use the above table for a safari in Africa i plan to a. Is critical for travel would i be better than underexposed and overexposed image option… would be better an. From one manufacturer to another lumix dmc-fh24 is a noisy mess of speckled garbage…useless for i! Shoot 50/60p 1/1.7″ Type confusingly refer to antiquated 1950s-1980s Vidicon video camera!. 70-200Mm F2.8 full frame means the same hole size diameter is much darker than the being... It giving me “ okay ” reach, fstop, ISO etc the 1 sensor. Work — buy anything after clicking any Amazon.com product link on PhotoSeek for an all-in-one camera/camcorder third!

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